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peer-reviewed papers

“Development of an Innovative Diaphragm Pump and Two-Phase Mechanically Pumped Loop for Active Antennas

Author(s): Charlton Castro (AVS), Christian Ortega (AVS), Kevin Picton (AVS), Mónica Iriarte (AVS), Cristina Ortega (AVS), Henk Jan van Gerner (NLR), T.H. van den Berg (NLR), Johannes van Es (NLR).
Published in: 2022

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“Preliminary design of a mechanically pumped cooling system for active antennae

Author(s): Henk Jan van Gerner (NLR), Ramon van den Berg (NLR), Johannes van Es (NLR), Anne Tailliez(ADS), Andrew Walker (ADS), Cristina Ortega (AVS), Monica Iriarte (AVS), Charlton Castro (AVS).
Published in: 2021

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