Innovative Mechanically Pumped loop for Active Antennae

The objective of IMPACTA is to create an innovative bespoke thermal control solution for Active Antennae that are a building block of next generation telecom satellites in Europe. This will, as a consequence, solve the need of telecommunication of future space missions, with a research on specific problems as high heat rejection and high heat fluxes.

IMPACTA will be an enabling innovative technology for future high temperature missions.


IMPACTA’s consortium contains the complete spectrum of partners that are required to successfully develop this disruptive novel technology. The consortium takes advantage of its experience in state-of-the-art cooling systems for terrestrial and space applications.

The consortium contains research institutes (CEA, NLR, CERN), SME’s (AVS, Diabatix) that can eventually commercially supply this technology, and an end-user of the technology (ADS).