This section will show news and updates about the IMPACTA project and activities of the consortium members in relation to IMPACTA.


After the kick-off meeting, IMPACTA consortium decided to meet once every two weeks in order to keep track of the progress of the project and update the rest of the members about the activities carried out and discuss decisions to be taken and possible problems that may arise. This continues to be done every two week, including during pandemics.

Final Presentation – 09/2022

The project comes to the end this 30th of September 2022. The final presentation of the project will be provided the 23rd of November. All the consortium members will meet together at AVS with the EC officer and the outside expert in order to sum up the work done during this years and show the conclusions.

Test Readiness Review – 06/2022

After the assembly has been completed, a meeting has been held in order to assure that everything is ready for the test campaign. A commissioning has been performed at AVS together with the NLR team. The equipment has been sent to the NLR testing facilities.

Integration Readiness Review – 12/2021

The Integration Readiness Review has been held as the components are ready to start being integrated.

Delta Manufacturing Readiness Review – 07/2021

Once again, the meeting for the Delta manufacturing Readiness Review was held via telecon by the IMPACTA team members.

Final Design Review / Manufacturing Readiness Review – 06/2020

During the COVID-19 pandemics the consortium continued working on the IMPACTA project as scheduled. The 30th of June 2020 the Final Design Review (FDR) and the Manufacturing Readyness Review (MRR) meetings were held though a telecon.

consortium meets for 1st review meeting (pre-PDR) – 10/2019

The third face to face meeting of IMPACTA was done at the end of October in Grenoble, France. Representatives of all companies part of the consortium were present, as well as the Project Officer assigned to the project from the European Commission.

At the beginning, a quick overview of the project was done by the Project Manager in order to update the schedule due to the extension of 6 months granted by the EC. The meeting followed discussing about tasks involved in WP3 and advances with each of the tasks. Participants will continue working on their tasks and update the rest of the consortium every two weeks on the Progress Meetings scheduled.

SRR meeting in toulouse – 05/2019

The SRR meeting took place at Airbus offices in Toulouse (France) the 15th of May. Participants of all companies attended and the main objective of the meeting was the preparation of WP3.

WP1: Technical and Project Management was updated and then tasks to prepare for WP3 were reviewed with each task responsible. At the end of the meeting, 16 actions to be done were highlighted for the consortium to continue working on IMPACTA and progress adequately to deliver WP3.


IMPACTA kicked off with the start of 2019. In January, the first official meeting of Impacta was held in Spain. The Consortium met in AVS’s Headquarters in the town of Elgoibar to officially meet the rest of the colleagues of the consortium and to set the procedures and working lines of IMPACTA.

The agenda of the day covered a presentation of the participant companies and the team, and was followed by a review of the technical objectives, the project timeline and the project management methodology. Each Work Package (WP) was presented with objectives, tasks and associated deliverables.

The kick-off concluded with a recap of the actions to be done for the following meeting and a visit to AVS’s facilities.